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Welcome to the homepage of the Copiah Lincoln Community College mascots, The Wolves. The Wolf has been a staple of school spirit at Co-Lin for decades. In 2009, our mascot underwent a drastic cosmetic transformation and added a sassy sidekick as well. Our mascots attend football and basketball games as well as other campus and community events. The Wolves also make personal appearances for birthday parties and other events upon request.

Our mascots are held to a high academic and moral standard. Students will receive a full academic scholarship and must maintain a 2.0 GPA while on the team. Compensation for travel expenses to and from events outside the Wesson area will also be provided. Additionally, the members of the squad will be provided with sports medicine.

Requirements for Tryouts

Tryouts will be held in the spring and we will accept at least two performers. Below is a list of requirements that must be completed and prepared to become part of the squad.

  1. Students will be required to perform an improvisational skit in suit. (You will be judged)
  2. Students also need to be in good physical condition with no health limitations. Mascots endure high heat and fatigue while in suit. *Drink LOTS of water!!!*
  3. Participants will also need to present proof of medical insurance prior to tryouts.

Mascot Request Information

Along with campus and athletic events, The Wolves also make personal appearances. (Ex. Birthday parties and non-profit organization events) All requests need to be made at least 10 days in advance of the event and must be made via e-mail. There should be a private room of adequate space for the mascots to change in and out of costume at the event. Rates for mascot appearances are as follows:

1 Hour- $50/ 40 cents a mile for gas only if out of the Wesson area.

Over an hour- $100/ 40 cents a mile for gas only if out of the Wesson area.

Contact Information

Micah Allen at 601.643.8491 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.